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If you want to get rich in affiliate marketing, here are the specific things to avoid like the plague.

These things quite literally repel money.

Affiliate marketers who don’t get this, spend a lot of money going full gas in neutral.


  • Low Commissions – you can’t run a business with overheads and marketing costs without healthy profit margins. If you’re making a few bucks a sale, then you don’t stand a chance, especially in a competitive niche market. Thing is, advertising costs are rising all the time, so unless your profit-per-sale far exceeds your cost-per-sale, you, my friend, are toast!


  • Fierce Competition – competing against capable aggressive rivals for a sale isn’t going to make affiliate marketing easier or fun. It will only cost you more time, more money and more grief. As if convincing someone to buy wasn’t hard enough, now you got to sweet talk them into buying through your link rathe than your rival’s? I don’t like other people eating out of my plate, do you know?


  • High Refunds – imagine giving up up to half the commissions you make, before you even made a sale. Sounds absurd, right? But that’s what many affiliate marketers do when they promote high-refund affiliate programs like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and even Shopify merchants. Physical item refund rates are skyrocketing due to shipping delays, subpar product quality and misguided expectations – and it’s you who is taking the hit!


  • No Repeat Purchase Opportunities – this is kind of a big deal, because getting a customer is one of the most expensive things you’ll ever do. If so, you better maximize your profits by getting customers who make several purchases over time. It takes just as much effort to get a one-time customer as it does a client who’s going to buy more than one product from your affiliate link.


  • Slow Payouts – so you made a few sales, now you’re waiting to get paid. They’ll put a check in the email in 2 weeks and it’ll take 2 more weeks to clear once it arrives. So while you wait, you’re racking up expenses on your credit card. That’s no good. Cashflow is king. It’s needed to scale your operation. If you’re waiting to get paid, you’re not making money!


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You’ve probably got some questions about all this, such as…

  • “Where can I find these secret high-paying e-learning offers?”

  • “What’s the best way to promote these offers once I get approved?”

  • “How do I get customers (aka drive traffic) to these offers?”

  • “What if my computer skills are limited?”

  • “What if I’m working with a small budget?”

  • “What if I don’t have much time to fit this new venture into my packed schedule?”

"You Have To Be Willing To Believe These 7 Truths About Money And Success"

  • You can get rich fast.

    You don’t have to get rich slowly. It used to be hard, when you had to start physical businesses, buy expensive equipment and hire bunch of staff. Not anymore. Now all you need is a computer and an internet connection.


  • If you’re making a lot of money, it means people appreciate what you do to help them.

    Customers exchange value for money. They’ll never give you money for nothing or for something they don’t consider valuable to them. Money is a way for people to express appreciation to one another for the goods and services provided. So if you’re making a lot of money – people appreciate what you do a lot. If you’re making little money – people appreciate what you do just a little.


  • You don’t have to work hard for your money.

    Very dangerous belief responsible for keeping so many people broke. It’s been taught to us since we were kids as if working really hard is a “noble” way to make money. If this was true, construction workers would be arriving to the site in limousines and Jeff Bezos would be riding a bicycle.


  • “Paid by the hour” model is old and unfair.

    We’re used to pay people for their time. If you hire a lawyer, he charges you an hourly retainer. If you see a therapist, he’s charging per session. But there’s a big problem with this model. You only have so many hours in a day. Rich people found a way to get out of this box, because time is the most precious resource you’ve got. Broke people get paid by the hour. Rich people figured out a way to no longer get paid by the hour, because it’s a losing proposition, even if you’re making $500/hr.


  • If you’re making a lot of money, you’re an evil opportunist.

    This builds on the previous beliefs. Many people can’t take money from others, because they don’t want to seem like they’re profiteering from the troubles of others. But that’s exactly how the economy works. If my car breaks down, I pay the mechanic to fix it. I don’t ask the mechanic to fix it for free, because he has to make a profit to keep the lights on in the shop, have the equipment ready when I need it and to be willing to wake up early, to see my car before I have to get to work. Someone’s problem (e.g. my car broke down) is someone else’s opportunity (e.g. mechanic gets paid to fix cars). You can’t get rich without accepting that.


  • If you’re charging people a lot of money (hundreds or thousands of dollars), you’re “over-charging” them, you’re taking advantage of them.

    This can’t be true, if you know one simple truth about people and human nature. People will never take a bad deal. Something that we know is true about almost any transaction between two people is that both have to feel they’re getting good (or even best) deal to say “yes” to it. This means whatever they’re getting – they consider to be more valuable than what they’re exchanging it for. When I buy a loaf of bread for $5, what I’m saying is this loaf of bread is worth to me more than $5, so I feel good about paying $5 for having it and eating it. This goes double for expensive things that cost thousands of dollars. If I offer you a Rolls Royce for $2,000 would you take it? Probably would, because it’s worth so much more. This is the secret many people don’t realize. Just offer people expensive products that worth 10X what you’re charging.


  • I’m not supposed to make a lot of money, because I’m nobody special.

    Neither am I. But I’m a millionaire and my older brother, my cousins, my high school buddies and my neighbor is not. My brother and I grew up in the same household. We had the same opportunities. We hung around the same people. We went to the same school. Same could be said about my best friend Max. But I “made it” and they didn’t. Why? Because of environment or better education or shortage of opportunities? You can’t make that argument, because those were identical for us growing up. Nope. It was initiative and my open-mindedness to trying things out until I found something that worked.


If you’re willing to try on these ideas, then I invite you to get excited about what you’re about to see on the next page.


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